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Part 2: Committees
Chapter 3. Standing Committees of the Division

Extended Studies Am 1/28/92, Am 5/24/11, Am 5/30/23
  • A)
    This committee shall consist of seven members of the San Diego Division, and the Dean of the Division of Extended Studies, ex officio. It shall also have one undergraduate student representative who shall not have the right to vote. Am 1/28/92, Am 10/12/21, Ec 5/30/23
  • B)
    The duties of this committee shall be the following: Am 1/25/92
    • 1)
      University Extension
      • a)
        It shall advise the Chancellor and the Dean of the University Exten­sion on the San Diego campus on any matters referred by them to the committee.
      • b)
        It shall initiate recommendations to the Chancellor and the Dean of University Extension on the San Diego campus concerning the functions and the educational and related budgetary and personnel policies of University Extension.
      • c)
        It shall serve as an advisory committee of the Division to consult with the Chancellor and the University Dean of University Extension regarding the appointment of the Dean of University Extension.
      • d)

        It shall advise the Dean of University Extension on the San Diego campus and the departments, colleges, and Graduate Division at San Diego with respect to the following:

        • i)
          establishment, continuance, and discontinuance of Extension programs,
        • ii)

          criteria for appointment and retention of Extension teaching staff,

        • iii)
          policy concerning acceptance of financial support for Extension programs from sources outside the University,
        • iv)
          establishment of requirements for admission to Extension courses yielding credit toward an academic degree,
        • v)
          coordination, in such respects as it may deem advisable, of the relations of University Extension on the San Diego campus with the San Diego Division.
    • 2)
      Public Service Programs Am 5/24/11
      • a)

        It shall advise the Dean of the Division of Extended Studies on the following:

        Ec 5/30/23
        • i)
          educational programs serving special interest populations,
        • ii)
          low-power television station,
        • iii)
          public service programs.
    • 3)
      It shall review the annual report of the Dean of the Division of Extended Studies, and submit an annual report and such interim special reports as it may deem advisable to the San Diego Division. Am 5/24/11, Ec 5/30/23
    • 4)
      It shall consider such other matters as are referred to it by the Academic Senate or the administration. Am 5/24/11

Part 2: Committees