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Part 2: Committees
Chapter 2. Membership and Tenure of Committees

Ex Officio Members
Committee Composition and Guests En 10/26/93, Am 5/19/20
  • A)
    The composition of a Senate committee is specified in the bylaw pertaining to that committee. En 5/19/20
  • B)
    Only members of the Academic Senate may serve as ex officio members of committees of the San Diego Division of the Academic Senate. Unless specifically granted in the Senate bylaw pertaining to Senate committee, ex officio members serve without the privilege of voting. En 5/19/20
  • C)
    The chair of a Senate committee may caucus or meet with only the voting members of the committee present. En 5/19/20
  • D)
    Individuals who are not members, consultants, or representatives, as defined by these bylaws, or Senate staff assigned to support the committee, are guests at Senate committee meetings and may attend committee meetings only by invitation of the committee chair, unless the bylaw provision pertaining to that committee indicates otherwise. En 5/19/20

Part 2: Committees