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Part 2: Committees
Chapter 3. Standing Committees of the Division

Campus and Community Environment En 5/27/75, Am 1/29/85
  • A)
    This committee shall consist of nine ordinary members of the Division.  Insofar as possible, the members shall be chosen to fill staggered three‑year terms.  It shall also have one undergraduate student representative and one graduate student representative, who shall not have the right to vote. Am 5/24/77, Rt 6/8/77, Am 1/29/85, Am 1/27/87, Am 11/21/89
  • B)
    This committee shall have the following duties: Am 1/29/85
    • 1)
      advise the Academic Senate and the administration on all physical planning and land-use aspects; propose, review and comment on recommendations regarding the UCSD Master Plan, its implementation and amendments; En 11/21/89
    • 2)
      study and make recommendations regarding the preservation and enhancement of the Park and open spaces, the development and utilization of buildings, land, transportation and parking facilities on the campus; and Am 11/21/89
    • 3)
      study and make recommendations regarding the utilization and development of the land, housing, transportation, commercial, recreational, and cultural facilities and institutions in the general vicinity of the campus.
  • C)
    Four members of this committee, with the concurrence of the Chancellor, shall be designated as the faculty members of the Chancellor's Campus/Community Planning Committee. Four other members from this committee shall be official alternates for the four designated members and shall be invited to attend all its meetings. The chair of this committee shall serve as the co‑chair of the Campus/Community Planning Committee. Whenever possible, this committee, in consultation with other Senate committees with representatives on the Campus/Community Planning Committee, will work as one with the Campus/Community Planning Committee to conduct their business and will make one report to the Chancellor and the Senate. [see Bylaw 187(B)(5) and Bylaw 228(B)(6)] En 1/29/85, Am 11/21/89, Am 10/26/93, Am 5/30/23
  • D)
    The committee may officially represent the Senate with respect to any of the areas within its charge subject to prior consultation with, and approval by, the Senate Council. Am 2/27/90, Rt 3/14/90

Part 2: Committees