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Part 2: Committees
Chapter 3. Standing Committees of the Division

Undergraduate Council En 3/1/11, Am 10/25/22
  • A)
    This committee shall consist of ten ordinary members of the Division. It shall have two undergraduate student representatives, who shall not have the right to vote. The Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education and a College Provost, who shall be selected by the Council of Provosts, may serve as consultants to the council, without vote, at the request of the council. The chair of the council shall be a member of the Educational Policy Committee. A member of the committee shall serve as Chair of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Course Requirement Committee. See Bylaw 185(C)(8), and Bylaw 211, and SBL 170 Am 6/9/20, Am 10/25/22
  • B)
    • 1)
      The council shall have the authority, on behalf of the Division, subject to the provisions for appeal in Bylaw 155, to review and to approve or disapprove all new undergraduate programs and changes to existing programs in any department, interdisciplinary program, or equivalent unit wholly or partially responsible to the Division. Proposals for the establishment of a new degree title shall, however, be forwarded to the Representative Assembly for action.
    • 2)
      The council shall review the proposed undergraduate academic plan of a college and any proposed amendments to the undergraduate academic plan of a college. [An academic plan is a set of specifications covering educational philosophy, organizational structure, general education and distribution requirements, major fields or alternative modes of specialization, degree requirements, transfers among colleges, relation of undergraduate to graduate programs, use of facilities, and deployment of faculty.] The council shall report its findings to the Division for such action as the Division wishes to take. Upon Divisional approval of the academic plan, or its amendments, its implementation shall be given over to the faculty of the college. All elements of the academic plan, including the curricula and courses which derive from it shall be subject to review by the council. Final authority over courses, thus considered, will rest with the Division.
    • 3)
      The council shall approve text and other materials describing new and existing undergraduate programs and colleges to be included in publications dealing with educational matters see Bylaw 200(B)(7). In carrying out this duty, the council shall maintain liaison with the Educational Policy Committee.
    • 4)
      The council shall have the authority, on behalf of the Division, to conduct regular periodic reviews of all undergraduate programs. In doing so, the council shall ensure that the undergraduate curricula are in compliance with Senate Regulations and educational policies.
    • 5)
      The council shall consider proposals for the establishment of departments and schools offering, or intending to offer, undergraduate instruction and degrees.
    • 6)
      The council shall perform the duties assigned to it by the Policy and Procedures for the Transfer, Consolidation, Disestablishment, and Discontinuance of Academic Programs and Units.
    • 7)
      The council shall authorize and supervise all undergraduate courses of instruction in the Division. In carrying out this duty the Council shall maintain liaison with the Educational Policy Committee.
      • a)
        The council may grant, on behalf of the Division, final approval of proposed new undergraduate courses, proposed modifications to undergraduate courses, and proposed deletions of undergraduate courses.
      • b)
        The council may grant, on behalf of the Division, final approval of proposed University Extension courses which will carry UCSD undergraduate degree credit, and proposed modifications of those courses.
      • c)
        The council may, on behalf of the Division, suspend or withdraw approval of undergraduate courses and University Extension courses which carry UCSD undergraduate degree credit. The council may, on behalf of the Division, delete undergraduate courses that have fallen into disuse.
        In taking these actions, the council shall give full consideration to the views and conclusions of appropriate departments, faculties, programs, and faculty members. These actions may be appealed in accordance with Bylaw 155.
    • 8)
      The council shall supervise the application of the Regulation of the San Diego Division of the Academic Senate, which requires a knowledge of American History and Institutions of all candidates for bachelor's degrees. See SR 638, and SDR 600(E)
    • 9)
      The council shall approve the appointment of Undergraduate Instructional Apprentices in accordance with Divisional Senate Regulation 525.

Part 2: Committees