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Part 2: Committees
Chapter 3. Standing Committees of the Division

Planning and Budget En 5/24/77
  • A)
    This committee shall consist of eleven ordinary members normally serving three‑year staggered terms. It shall also have one undergraduate student representa­tive and one graduate student representative, who shall not have the right to vote. One member shall serve on the University Committee on Planning and Budget. see Bylaw 185(C)(8), and SBL 190 Am 3/24/81, Am 11/24/98, Am 2/24/04, Am 5/22/12, Am 4/5/22
  • B)
    This committee shall have the following duties: Am 5/23/95, Am 11/24/98, Am 3/1/11, Am 5/22/12
    • 1)
      It shall confer with and advise the Chancellor, other administrative agencies and the Senate on planning, budget, and resource allocations.
    • 2)
      It shall represent the Division on appropriate committees.
    • 3)
      It shall initiate studies in planning and budget matters and shall be responsible for developing a substantive, long-term understanding of the campus budget and budget-setting process.  To accomplish these studies and develop this understanding, the committee may, by majority vote, authorize the establishment of ad hoc committees.
    • 4)
      It shall consider matters of long range academic planning and educa­tional policy.
    • 5)
      It shall receive reports from, and maintain liaison with, the Educational Policy Committee, the Undergraduate Council, the Graduate Council, the Committee on Research, and the Committee on Library.
    • 6)

      One member of this committee, with concurrence of the Chancellor, shall be designated as a faculty member on the Chancellor’s Campus/Community Planning Committee. One other member from this committee shall be designated as official alternate for the one designated member and shall be invited to attend all its meetings. [see Bylaw 190(C) and Bylaw 187(B)(5)]

      En 5/20/23

Part 2: Committees