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Part 2: Committees
Chapter 1. Responsibility of Committees to the Division

Committees - Area of Competence, Reports of Decisions in Divisional Bulletin
The area of competence of a standing committee of the Division shall be as set forth in these Bylaws.  The area of competence of a special committee shall be as set forth in its enabling act.  No special committee shall be established to perform any duty assigned by these Bylaws to a standing committee.  Unless the contrary is specifically stated in these Bylaws or in the enabling act which established it, no committee of the Division as such shall have any duties or powers other than to advise anyone who seeks advice within its area of competence, and to report to the Office and to the Division at any Divisional meeting.  As often as it desires, but no less than once per year, each committee shall report to the Representative Assembly any action it has taken or any advice it has given to anyone, except as noted in Bylaw 135 and in Bylaw 15(B)(7). See SBL 40 Am 5/25/76, Rt 6/9/76, Am 2/27/90, Rt 3/14/90, Am 5/23/95

Part 2: Committees