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Single Sign-On

The following Academic Senate web resources require authentication via the campus Single Sign-On service using a business systems or active directory password.  Please refer to the Passwords and Access Blink page for information pertaining to Single Sign-On.

  • Interactive Utilities

    • Service Preference Profile
      Manage your committee preferences and service availability. this service is accessible to all regular and emeritus Senate members.
    • Departmental Voting Procedures Archive
      Maintain the Senate's record of departmental voting procedures. Access is limited to designated faculty and/or staff within each department.
    • Voting & Surveys
      View a list of current Senate inquiries (ex. surveys and ballots). Access varies depending upon the context of each individual inquiry.
    • eGrants
      Learn about the Academic Senate's online grant application submission tool.
  • Protected Committee Materials

    Select from the following dropdown list and click 'open' to load a committee's protected materials page. You must be a current member of the committee to access its protected materials.