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Part 2: Committees
Chapter 3. Standing Committees of the Division

International Education Am 5/22/84, Am 1/28/92, Am 4/23/96, Am 5/26/15
  • A)
    This committee shall consist of nine ordinary members of the Division, plus the Campus Faculty Directors of Programs Abroad Office, ex officio.  The Chair may invite representatives from international program offices to serve as consultants to the committee without vote. It shall also have one undergrad­uate student representative and one graduate student representative, who shall not have the right to vote.  One member shall serve on the University Committee on International Education see Bylaw 185(C)(8), and SBL 165 Am 5/24/77, Rt 6/8/77, Am 10/26/82, Am 5/22/84, Am 5/27/86, Am 11/17/87, Am 10/27/92, Am 4/23/96, Am 2/24/04, Am 5/26/15
  • B)
    The duties of the committee shall be the following:
    • 1)
      It shall represent the Division in all matters concerned with the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP). Am 5/26/15
    • 2)
      It shall represent the Division in all aspects of international education and exchange, including campus-based and other education abroad programs. Am 5/22/84, Am 5/26/15
    • 3)
      It shall consult with other appropriate Senate committees, including the Educational Policy Committee, the Undergraduate Council and the Graduate Council, on relevant matters related to international students matriculated or otherwise in residence at the University of California, San Diego. En 5/26/15
  • C)
    The Executive Committee of the Committee on International Education shall consist of the Chair, Vice Chair, and ex officio members of the Committee on International Education.  The Executive Committee shall have the following duties: En 10/27/92
    • 1)
      It shall act, in consultation with the staff of the International Center, on those routine administrative matters which require faculty involvement. Am 5/26/15
    • 2)

      It shall formulate, for consideration of the Committee on International Education, policies and programs that will serve to better integrate international education into the campus academic programs.

Part 2: Committees