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Part 2: Committees
Chapter 3. Standing Committees of the Division

Preparatory Education Am 5/22/84, Am 12/3/91, Am 10/24/00
  • A)
    This committee shall consist of five ordinary members of the San Diego Division.  It shall also have one undergraduate student representative and one graduate student representa­tive, who shall not have the right to vote.  Representatives from the Basic Writing Program, the Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS), and the Math Testing and Placement Office may serve as consultants, without vote, at the request of the committee.  One member shall serve on the University Committee on Preparatory Education see Bylaw 185(C)(8)and SBL 192. Am 5/24/77, Rt 6/8/77, Am 5/22/84, Am 5/28/85, Am 12/3/91, Am 4/28/92, Am 10/24/00, Am 2/24/04, Am 5/26/09
  • B)
    The duties of the committee shall be the following: Am 5/22/84
    • 1)
      It shall monitor academic aspects of preparatory education. Am 5/26/09
    • 2)
      It shall conduct periodic reviews and evaluations of preparatory education. Am 5/26/09
    • 3)
      It shall initiate proposals for establishment, evaluation and termi­nation of preparatory education. Am 5/26/09
    • 4)
      It shall supervise the implementation of the Regulations of the Division and the Senate [SR 636] concerning the University of California Entry Level Writing Requirement. Am 5/26/09
    • 5)
      It shall report on preparatory education to the Division and other Senate agencies. Am 5/26/09

Part 2: Committees