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Part 1: General Regulations

Undergraduate Instructional Apprentice En 5/25/76
  • A)
    An Undergraduate Instructional Apprentice is an undergraduate student who serves as an assistant in an undergraduate course under the supervision of a faculty member.  The purpose of the apprenticeship is to learn the methodology of teaching through actual practice in a regularly scheduled course.
  • B)
    • 1)
      An Undergraduate Instructional Apprentice shall be an upper division student. Am 2/24/09
    • 2)
      Students are not permitted to assist in courses in which they are enrolled.
    • 3)
      An Undergraduate Instructional Apprentice must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0.  Departments may establish higher grade point average requirements. Am 5/24/83
    • 4)
      The faculty instructor is responsible for the course content and for maintaining the overall quality of instruction, including supervision of Undergraduate Instructional Apprentices.  He/she has responsi­bility for all grades given in the class. Am 5/24/83
    • 5)
      The instructor is expected to meet regularly with the Undergraduate Instructional Apprentice to evaluate the student's performance and to provide the direction needed for a worthwhile educational experience.
    • 6)
      An Undergraduate Instructional Apprentice may receive credit on a Pass/Not Pass basis only.
    • 7)
      A student may not be an Undergraduate Instructional Apprentice more than once for the same course for credit.
    • 8)
      A student may not be an Undergraduate Instructional Apprentice in more than one course in a quarter.
    • 9)
      The total credit accumulated as an Undergraduate Instructional Apprentice shall not exceed eight units.
  • C)
    All departments/programs using Undergraduate Instructional Apprentices shall submit to the Undergraduate Council a descrip­tion of the role of the Undergraduate Instructional Apprentice, as part of the petition for approval.  Any deviation from the guidelines above must be explained and justified in a memo accompanying the petition.  Any major change in the function or duty of the apprentice in a course should also be approved by the Undergraduate Council. Am 5/24/83, Am 3/1/11