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Part 1: General Regulations

Credit by Examination Am 4/1/75, Am 5/22/84
  • A)
    Credit by examination may be authorized and given by the instructor for a course with the concurrence of the student's provost (or dean).  The examination will cover work for the entire course.
  • B)
    The student requesting credit by examination must not have already received a grade or a W in the course.
  • C)
    The student requesting credit by examination must be registered and in good academic standing.
  • D)
    A part‑time student who, by registering to take a course credit by examin­ation, surpasses the number of units allowed for part‑time status, must register and pay fees as a full‑time student.
  • E)

    If credit by examination is authorized, the student will receive a grade of A+, A, A‑, B+, B, B‑, C+, C, C‑, D, or F unless the student's petition for examination specifies the grade to be Pass or Not Pass.  The student's record will indicate that the course was attempted through credit by examination.