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Part 3: Requirements for Higher Degrees

Requirements for the Doctor of Musical Arts Degree (DMA) En 4/25/95
  • A)
    Admission to the DMA program will be based upon acceptance to graduate study at UCSD and the following criteria.  Applicants should:
    • 1)
      hold a Master's degree in a music-related field with experience in performance comparable to the UCSD M.A. degree or equivalent;
    • 2)
      demonstrate a high level of academic achievement, as evidenced by grade transcripts, letters of recommendation, and scholarly papers;
    • 3)
      present a performance audition;
    • 4)
      have taken the Graduate Record Examination General Test, as well as the Music Subject Test.
  • B)

    Program of Study
    Students will be required to take:

    • 1)
      seminars and directed research group courses in one major area of vocal/instrumental specialization and two secondary areas of specialization;
    • 2)
      performance seminars and other required courses.
  • C)

    Foreign Language Requirement
    A demonstrated reading proficiency of one modern foreign language must be proven by the time of advancement to candidacy. 

  • D)

    Doctoral Committee
    A committee will be formed to supervise the student's educational progress toward the qualifying examinations and final requirements.  Each committee shall be constituted following the same procedures as are provided for in Regulation 715(B) for the Ph.D. degree.

  • E)

    Qualifying Examination
    The Qualifying Examination consists of two parts:

    • 1)
      A written and oral defense of questions provided by the Doctoral Committee; plus
    • 2)
      • a)
        an abstract of the thesis or research project to be given to the Doctoral Committee at the qualifying exams; or
      • b)
        a presentation of a substantial portion of the works to be performed on the student's "Major Recitals" will be performed as part of the qualifying exams.
  • F)
    Final Requirements
    • 1)
      Two Major Recitals, plus one of the following:
      • a)
        thesis or research project;
      • b)
        a concert that is innovative in design and/or content, which is supported by a document containing extensive stylistic or analytical discussion of the program; or
      • c)
        a lecture/concert, pertaining to innovative and/or original material, with appropriate documentation as determined by the committee.
  • G)
    Residence Requirement
    The minimum residence requirement for the DMA is two years.