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Part 3: Requirements for Higher Degrees

Requirements for the Candidate in Philosophy (C. Phil.) Degree at San Diego En 3/14/69
Departments or comparable administrative units that have been authorized to confer the degree of Doctor of Philosophy may recommend the award of the degree of Candidate in Philosophy (C. Phil.) upon a student's advancement to candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.  The degree award shall specify the student's field of specialization.  The following requirements pertain to the award of degree of Candidate in Philosophy:
  • A)
    The minimum residence requirement is four quarters of academic residence, at least three of which must be spent in continuous residence at the University of California, San Diego.
  • B)
    The C. Phil. may not be conferred after, or simultaneously with, the award of the Ph.D.
  • C)
    A department may not require additional accomplishments for the C. Phil. degree beyond those required for advancement to candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.
  • D)
    The C. Phil. degree shall not be specified as a terminal degree.  This means that a department cannot recommend a student for advancement to candidacy and at the same time disqualify him or her for continued regis­tration and further study or research on his or her dissertation.  If a student withdraws from the University after advancement to candidacy and award of the C. Phil., the department must be willing to readmit him or her at some subsequent date, provided the period of absence has not exceeded the maximum time limit which the department has officially set with the Graduate Council between advancement to candidacy and the award of the Ph.D.  Any student may decide not to proceed beyond the C. Phil.