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Part 3: Requirements for Higher Degrees

Requirements for the Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) Degree En 6/8/06, Am 5/22/07

The degree of Doctor of Audiology will be granted on the following conditions:

  • A)

    The candidate shall have:

    • 1)
      Fulfilled the normal requirements for admission to the Graduate Division of the University of California, San Diego as specified by the Graduate Council and the Dean of Graduate Studies; and
    • 2)
      Met additional requirements that may be specified by the Audiology Program.
  • B)

    The candidate shall be required to take the equivalent of four years of study at UCSD and SDSU.  The program is structured as follows:

    • 1)
      The first year of study is at SDSU, the second year is at UCSD; the third year is at SDSU, and the fourth year is a full-time clinical externship at an agency approved by the program;
    • 2)
      Clinical experiences at each campus and community clinical sites over the first three years under the supervision of licensed audiologists; and
    • 3)
      At least two terms participating in research with program faculty, preferably one term at each campus.
  • C)
    The minimum residency requirement for the Au.D. degree is six quarters, at least three of which must be spent in continuous residence at UCSD.
  • D)

    Qualifying Examinations
    The candidate must:

    • 1)
      Pass exams in year one and year two in order to enroll in the subsequent year’s courses; and
    • 2)
      Pass a written comprehensive examination in year three before registering for the externship.
  • E)

    Advancement to Candidacy
    The candidate will advance to candidacy after:

    • 1)
      Successful completion of all course, research, and clinical practicum requirements for the first and second years with a minimum GPA of 3.0;
    • 2)
      Satisfactory performance on the first and second year examinations;
    • 3)
      Selection of a doctoral project committee comprised of two Au.D. program faculty, one from UCSD, one from SDSU, and at least one additional tenured outside faculty member from either UCSD or SDSU, with the chair of the committee being from either campus; and [Am 5/22/07]
    • 4)
      Approval of the doctoral project summary proposal.
  • F)

    Doctoral Project
    The candidate shall:

    • 1)
      Enroll in the appropriate doctoral project course depending on the campus in which their chair resides; and
    • 2)
      Complete the doctoral project which must be approved by the student’s doctoral project committee.