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Part 3: Requirements for Higher Degrees

Requirements for the Master of Arts and Master of Science Degrees at San Diego En 5/18/65
Requirements for the M.A. and M.S. degrees shall be determined by the depart­ments, subject to approval by the Graduate Council, and in conformity with the following minimum requirements.
  • A)

    Residence and Candidacy
    The minimum residence requirement is three quarters.  Residence is established by satisfactory completion of six units per quarter, some of which must be at the graduate level.   Am 12/9/14

  • B)

    Language Requirements
    Language requirements, if any, adopted by individual departments shall be administered by the Dean of Graduate Studies, as the Graduate Council shall direct.

  • C)

    All Master's degree programs must be in conformity with one of the following two plans:
    Plan I.  Thesis Plan ‑ Credit must be obtained for 36 quarter units distributed as follows:  at least 12 units must be in graduate courses in the major field, no more than 12 units may be in upper‑division courses, and there must be at least 6 research units which lead to a Master's thesis to be approved by a committee of three faculty members appointed by the Dean of Graduate Studies.   Am 12/9/14
    Plan II.  Comprehensive Examination Plan ‑ Credit must be obtained for 36 quarter units of which at least 14 must be in graduate courses in the major field, 10 additional units in graduate courses, and 12 units in graduate or upper‑division courses.  A comprehensive final examination, designated as a Master's examination, must be passed.

  • D)
    Only courses in which the student is assigned grades A, B, C, D, P, or S are counted in satisfaction of the requirements for the Master's degree.  In addition, a student must maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 in all courses taken after admission to graduate status.  This requirement may be waived in special cases by the Graduate Council, acting through the Dean of Graduate Studies. EC 6/4/74
  • F)
    Each Master's program must contain a statement of the maximum number of research units which can be used in satisfaction of the Master's require­ments under each plan.