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Educational Policies

Grading and GPA Calculations



The Committee on Educational Policy (CEP) recently reviewed the policy regarding the calculation of GPA in the major established by CEP in 1995. It was the decision of CEP that only upper division UCSD courses required for the major are to be included in calculation of the GPA in the major. The policy for calculation of GPA in the major is as follows:

Grades in courses not applied to the major shall not be included in the calculation of the GPA in the major. The grade of F should never be included in the calculation, since the course cannot be applied to the major. The grade of D should be included only if the department/program accepts such grades as applicable to the major and only if the student actually needs to have the course counted towards the major.
The corollary to this rule is that the calculation should include only the best grades that a student has achieved in the minimum number of upper division UCSD courses necessary for completion of the major. Thus, if a program requires fifteen upper division courses for completion of the major and the student has taken eighteen upper division UCSD courses that would be applicable to the requirements, only the fifteen best grades in such upper division UCSD courses shall be counted in the calculation of the major GPA.

Committee on Educational Policy May 25, 2000; Am November 2008