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The eGrants application and award management processes generate email notifications to keep users informed as the status of their applications and awards change. Specific events that trigger email notifications include:

  • An application prepared and submitted on your behalf by somebody else requires your approval
  • An application referencing your collaborative research project requires confirmation that the applicant is a co-investigator
  • An applicant has approved or returned an application you prepared on their behalf
  • A collaborative project owner has confirmed or denied your affiliation with a joint research project
  • An Academic Senate analyst has returned your application for revision
  • Your application has been scheduled for committee review
  • Your application has been approved or denied
  • Your eGrants award record has been created
  • Your award has expired, and post award feedback is requested
Email Notice

NOTE: the person who initializes an action resulting in an eGrants email notification is used as the message sender, and their name will be displayed in the from field of the email heading.