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Providing Award Feedback

Post Award Feedback Requests

eGrants monitors research award end dates and sends an automated request for post award feedback when an award closes:

Feedback Email

You can access the post award feedback form by clicking on the link embedded in the email. Alternatively, you can click the Feedback link next to your award listing in the Senate Awards queue on the eGrants home page:

Feedback Queue Link

Requested Information

The Academic Senate is interested in knowing whether you were able to secure additional funding as a direct result of your Senate award; these additional funds would have been difficult or impossible to obtain without your Senate seed funding. For each additional award that meets this criteria, we ask that you provide the name of the funding agency and the dollar amount of the grant.

The Academic Senate is also interested in tracking creative works produced as a result of its research funding. Therefore, award recipients are asked identify and describe all scholarly output (publications, presentations, etc.) generated by their Senate-funded research projects.