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Part 2: Requirements for the Bachelor's Degree at San Diego

Academic Requirements of Thurgood Marshall College En 1/25/72, Am 4/30/74, Am 6/6/17
  • A)
    General Requirements Am 4/24/79, Am 10/16/84, Am 11/27/90, Am 6/6/17, Am 5/19/20
    • 1)
      Dimensions of Culture:  Diversity, Justice and Imagination:  A three-course sequence (16 units), the six-unit courses in Justice and Imagination offer intensive instruction in university-level expository writing.  The sequence should be completed by the end of the first year in residence. 5/19/20 Am
    • 2)
      Humanities and Cultural Studies:  Two courses (8 units) -- to be chosen from an approved list of courses in domestic and global cultures. Am 6/6/17, Am 5/19/20
    • 3)
      Natural Science:  Three courses (12 units) ‑‑ one course each in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Am 5/19/20
    • 4)
      Mathematics, Statistics, and Logic:  Two courses (8 units) ‑‑ to be fulfilled by option a, b, or c below: Am 6/6/17, Am 5/19/20
      • a)
        Two courses in Mathematics/Advanced Statistics
      • b)
        One course in Mathematics/Advanced Statistics and one course in either Introductory Statistics or Computer Programming and Logic
      • c)
        One course in Introductory Statistics and one course in Computer Programming and Logic
    • 5)
      Fine Arts:  One course (4 units) in Music, Theatre, or Visual Arts. Am 5/19/20
    • 6)
      Disciplinary Breadth:  Four courses (16 units) -- to be chosen from disciplinary areas noncontiguous to the student's major.  Two of the courses must be upper-division; at least one course must include significant writing.  The disciplinary areas include:  Humanities/Fine Arts; Foreign Languages; Social Sciences; Natural Science; Mathematics and Engineering and Interdepartmental/Interdisciplinary.  Students may substitute fulfillment of the public service course option for one course in disciplinary breadth. Am 4/29/03, Am 6/6/17, Am 5/19/20
  • B)
    Graduation Requirements
    • 1)
      The minimum requirement for graduation shall be the satisfactory completion of forty‑five (45) courses or the equivalent of one hundred eighty (180) total units, with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (C) or higher.
    • 2)
      A minimum of sixty (60) units of the one-hundred eighty (180) units must be upper‑division courses. Am 11/27/90, 4/29/03
    • 3)
      A minimum of nine (36 units) of the last eleven courses must be taken as a Marshall College student.
    • 4)
      A departmental or interdisciplinary major must be completed.
    • 5)
      The general education requirements shall be fulfilled.