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Part 2: Requirements for the Bachelor's Degree at San Diego

Academic Requirements of John Muir College En 3/22/66, Am 3/69, Am 1/25/72
  • A)
    General Requirements
    • 1)
      Four three‑quarter sequences chosen from a list called the Muir General Education Plan.
      • a)
        Two of these sequences must be from two different categories in a group made up of the categories of Fine Arts, Humanities, or Language Learning.
      • b)
        One of these sequences must be from the Social Sciences. Am 1/26/93
      • c)
        One of these sequences must be from either Mathematics or Natural Sciences. Am 1/26/93
      • d)
        A sequence may be chosen from a seventh category, Experimental & Interdisciplinary Courses, to substitute for a sequence in any one of the other categories provided the subject matter is similar.
  • B)
    Graduation Requirements
    • 1)
      The minimum requirement for graduation shall be one‑hundred‑eighty (180) units.
    • 2)

      Sixty (60) of the one‑hundred‑eighty (180) units must be in the upper division.   Am 5/26/15

    • 3)
      The general requirements shall be fulfilled.
    • 4)
      A special project that focuses the student's studies must be com­pleted; a major is an acceptable form of this project.
    • 5)
      In addition to the Subject A requirement, the student must meet the Muir College requirement in writing proficiency by demonstrating an ability to write English according to standards appropriate for all college work.  Ordinarily this will be met by the successful completion of a two-quarter sequence in writing. En 5/25/76, Am 1/26/93