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Part 2: Requirements for the Bachelor's Degree at San Diego

Academic Requirements of Revelle College En 5/18/65, Am 11/14/67, Am 1/30/01, Am 6/07/16, Am 6/6/17, Am 2/21/23
  • A)
    Revelle College will recommend candidates for the degrees of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, designated as a major. EC 1/18/80
  • B)
    General Requirements Am 10/25/77, Am 1/30/01, Am 10/14/14, Am 6/07/16
    • 1)
      Revelle College students are required to demonstrate an acceptable level of basic knowledge in the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, language, mathematics, and the physical and biological sciences.
    • 2)
      The General Requirements are:
      • a)
        A five‑course sequence (24 units) in an interdisciplinary Humanities program including two (6‑unit) courses with intensive instruction in university level writing.  Written work is also required in each of the remaining three (4‑unit) quarter courses. Am 3/19/85
      • b)
        One course in the Fine Arts.
      • c)

        Three courses in Mathematics which shall include two courses of integral and/or differential calculus, and one course chosen from an approved list.
        Am 6/07/16

      • d)
        Five courses in the Physical and Biological Sciences to include one course in biology, one course in chemistry, one course in physics, and two courses chosen from biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, or from an approved list.
        Am 6/07/16 Am 6/9/20
      • e)
        Basic conversational and reading proficiency in a modern foreign language, or advanced reading proficiency in a classical language.  This requirement can be met by passage of a UCSD proficiency exam (in which case the result is posted to the transcript), or by completion of the fourth quarter (or third semester) of foreign language instruction with a passing grade, or with an equivalent Advanced Placement Exam score of 4 or 5 or an SAT II Language Exam score of 700 or higher. Am 11/25/80, Am 2/28/95, Am 11/04/03
      • f)
        Two courses in the Social Sciences, chosen from an approved list.
        Am 11/27/90, Am 1/28/14, Am 6/07/16
    • 3)

      Transfer students accepted to Revelle College must meet the same general education requirements as students admitted as freshmen. Transfer students who have completed an approved Inter-segmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC-SR478) must meet the same mathematics and science requirements as students admitted as freshman, except for the mathematics, natural science, and humanities requirements, stated below in (a), (b) and (c). Courses taken prior to transfer that satisfy any or all of these requirements will be applied toward completion of the requirements.
      (a) One upper-division writing course (4 units) in an interdisciplinary
      Humanities program.
      (b) Four courses in the Physical and Biological Sciences to include two
      courses from two different disciplines among biology, chemistry, and
      physics, and the remaining two chosen from biology, chemistry, physics
      or from an approved list.
      (c) Three courses in mathematics to include one course of calculus, and
      two chosen from an approved list.

      Am 1/30/01, Am 10/14/14, Am 2/21/23
  • C)
    Graduation Requirements
    • 1)
      The minimum requirement for graduation will be satisfactory comple­tion of 180 units; 60 units must be from the upper division. Am 10/24/72, Am 6/10/97, Am 6/6/17
    • 2)
      A major shall consist of not less than 12 upper division courses. Am 10/25/77, Am 11/27/90