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Senate-IRAP Report on Remote Instruction
June 09, 2020

The Systemwide Academic Senate surveyed instructors about their experience with remote instruction during the 2nd half of the spring semester/Spring quarter, receiving just over 4,800 responses across all nine undergraduate campuses, with an estimated 25 percent response rate and greater representation at Merced and Irvine and lower representation at Berkeley, Los Angeles and Riverside. Of those respondents, the majority (around 65 percent) had professor titles (just over 30 percent full professors, around 12 percent for both associate and assistant professors, and around 8 percent for adjunct professors). Just over 5 percent of respondents were teaching professors, around 20 percent were unit-18 lecturers, and less than 10 percent were graduate student instructors (GSIs who were instructor of record). The data is reported in total, not by respondent type.

The Systemwide Academic Senate partnered with UC Office of the President’s Institutional Research and Academic Planning unit to incorporate questions about remote instruction into the UC Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) that is currently being administered. As of May 12th, almost 33,000 undergraduates had responded to the survey, representing a preliminary 17 percent response rate, higher for students at Berkeley, Merced and Riverside and less at Los Angeles and Santa Cruz (because the survey more recently began at those two campuses).

Update July 2020: In addition to the draft report, a summary of key findings and recommendations are provided in the Resources box on this page.