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DEI Course Requirement Committee

  • Call for Courses 2021-2022

    Faculty are encouraged to submit courses for consideration to fulfill the DEI requirement. Courses must fulfill three governing categories (frameworks, subject matter, and pedagogy) in order to satisfy the DEI requirement. For Faculty interested in creating or submitting a course for DEI approval, please review the following information. Proposals may be submitted by e-mail to Senate Analyst Chrystal Randler, at crandler@ucsd.edu.
    • 2021-2022 DEI Call for Courses
      Submission Deadlines: Fall Quarter: October 22, 2021; Winter Quarter: January 28, 2022; Spring Quarter: April 22, 2022

      Spring 2022 Office Hours - Sign up to attend with this Google Form
      Tuesday, April 12 @12p - 1p
      Monday, April 18 @ 11a - 12p

    • DEI Course Proposal Response Form
      The DEI Response form should be submitted along with a detailed syllabus and your eCourse approved or pending form. Please review the form for more details.
    • DEI Course Mini-Grant Proposal
      To provide course diversity and encourage new courses, Senate faculty may be provided $1,500 for new or substantially revised courses approved by UGC to fulfill the DEI requirement. Course proposals should be developed through a mini-grant and review process. This proposal should be submitted along with the syllabus, eCourse form, budget justification and DEI response form. Up to 10 new courses will be supported by this mechanism annually. Please review the form for more details.