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Senate Council En 5/22/90
  • A)
    This committee shall consist of the Chair and Vice Chair of the Division, who shall serve as chair and vice chair of this committee, and the chairs of the following committees:  Academic Personnel, Admissions, Affirmative Action and Diversity, Campus & Community Environment, Committee on Committees, Educational Policy, Undergraduate Council, Faculty Welfare, Graduate Council, Planning & Budget, Privilege & Tenure, and Research; the two senior Divisional Representatives to the Assembly of the Academic Senate; the immediate past Chair of the Division; two elected members to the Representative Assembly chosen by the Representative Assembly; and any members of the Academic Council from the UCSD campus.  When, in accordance with Bylaw 25(B)(9), a former Chair of the Division serves as a member of the Program Review Committee, that individual shall be a member of this committee. Am 10/23/90, Am 5/28/91, Am 4/29/08, Am 3/1/11
  • B)
    • 1)
      This committee shall oversee the business of the Academic Senate and shall consider issues of general interest to the faculty.  It shall monitor and adjust the work of the Senate's committees, and shall advise the Chair of the Division about campus business.
    • 2)
      This committee shall determine the agenda for meetings of the Representative Assembly and the Division.  Agenda items deemed non-controversial by unanimous consent may be placed on a Consent Calendar under Special Orders in the call.  Approval of all business on the Consent Calendar requires a single unanimous vote.  At the request of any Representative Assembly member, any such Calendar item must be deferred until consideration of new business. Am 10/23/90, Am 5/23/95
    • 3)
      This committee shall prepare the agenda for meetings of the Division. Am 10/23/90
    • 4)
      The Senate Council may act for the Representative Assembly in case of emergency. Am 10/23/90
    • 5)
      This committee shall appoint the Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee on Committees prior to the beginning of Fall Quarter each year see Bylaw 185(A). En 5/23/95
    • 6)
      This committee shall nominate two candidates for each vacancy of the Committee on Committees to be filled by election. En 5/23/95
    • 7)
      This committee shall perform any duties assigned to it by the Policy and Procedures on Transfer, Consolidation, Disestablishment, and Discontinuance of Academic Programs and units. En 5/23/95