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EPC Policies on Courses

Policy Regarding Course Equivalency, Overlap and Duplication of Credit

All course equivalencies as well as the degree of overlap of subject material among courses and restrictions on duplication of credit are subject to approval from the Undergraduate Council. 

Currently some departments have decided or agreed that students cannot receive credit for specific courses within or across departments because of the overlap of subject material.  In some cases, departments have decided or agreed that students may receive partial credit.

Effective immediately:

  1. Restrictions on duplication of credit (whether full, partial, or no credit) must be specifically defined on course approval forms and must be approved by the Undergraduate Council.
  2. Details of the credit allowances must be noted in both the "Course Description" and "Enforcement" sections of the course approval form.
  3. Signatures of all pertinent department chairs or program directors must be on the course approval form.
  4. New course approval forms, with all the appropriate signatures, must be submitted for existing courses that involve course equivalencies, overlap, or duplication of credit.

Revised 4/28/14