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2016/2017 Award Recipients

Distinguished Teaching Award RecipientsDistinguished Teaching Award, Senate Members

Rachel Klein (History)

Rachel Klein has an extensive track record of excellent, innovative, and highly effective teaching at UC San Diego. Professor Klein’s strengths lie in her mastery over material and her ability to convey her knowledge of history in a well-structured, engaging, and lively lecture. She is, as one student wrote, a “rare breed of a lecturer who can hold my attention while having absolutely no visuals.” Other students have commented that “her lectures are like stories” and “it is easy to sit back and listen.” Close attention to students’ work, combined with unswerving devotion to nurturing their intellectual development and career success, are hallmarks of Professor Klein’s teaching and advising. She is a model teacher—inspiring, challenging, generous, supportive, and capable of connecting with students on a very individual level. Professor Klein serves as an excellent role model and inspiration for younger colleagues.