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2016/2017 Award Recipients

Distinguished Teaching Award RecipientsDistinguished Teaching Award, Senate Members

Oleg Shpyrko (Physics)

Oleg Shpyrko has excellent charisma, provides clear and concise descriptions, focuses on concepts, and has a knack for emphasizing why various concepts are relevant and important. Professor Shpyrko’s physics courses are challenging but fair in an environment that is both stimulating and enjoyable. He is a professor who is clear and inspiring and treats students with respect and compassion. As one student put it, “his methodical teaching style and his very approachable nature truly make him a professor that any student should feel privileged to have.” Professor Shpyrko provides prompt feedback and tools by which students can understand their performance in the class and know when to seek additional help. When one looks at the “amount learned” section of student evaluations, Professor Shpyrko consistently outperforms the average “learning” measure by a substantial margin in all courses he has taught. He exhibits an admirable set of traits in teaching that other instructors should strive to achieve.