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2016/2017 Award Recipients

Distinguished Teaching Award RecipientsBarbara and Paul Saltman Excellent Teaching Award, Graduate Students

Niema Moshiri (Bioinformatics and Systems Biology)

Niema Moshiri is a dedicated instructor who has taught multiple courses and received consistently excellent ratings. He understands the nuances of teaching bioinformatics to a diverse group of students. A faculty member described Mr. Moshiri’s teaching skills as “the best I have seen in any graduate student, and he is already a better instructor than most faculty members. His technical knowledge is deep, and he is skilled at understanding what students need and taking the initiative to improve their learning experience.” An example of Mr. Moshiri’s exceptional ability to teach: when he noticed a course textbook was not effectively supporting students’ learning, he and an undergraduate tutor wrote an interactive textbook for undergraduates. The book has been used during two quarters and has been very well received by students. Mr. Moshiri has a true gift of inspiring students to want to learn, and he cultivates long-term passion and curiosity, the true hallmark of a great teacher.