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2016/2017 Award Recipients

Distinguished Teaching Award RecipientsDistinguished Teaching Award, Senate Members

Melissa Famulari (Economics)

Melissa Famulari is a superb educator who has changed the lives of many undergraduates for the better. There are not enough superlatives to match the feelings the Department of Economics and its students have for her magnificent work to foster excellence in undergraduate education at UC San Diego. Dr. Famulari’s enthusiasm for teaching clearly makes an impression on her students. As one student commented, Dr. Famulari was “the most inspirational economics professor; I became an economics major after taking her class because I enjoyed the material so much.” Many of Dr. Famulari’s former students have embarked on impressive careers after completing their senior thesis under her guidance. Dr. Famulari is the heart and soul of the Department of Economics undergraduate programs. She is its authority on all undergraduate instructional issues and has become a campuswide and systemwide leader on educational policy and innovative instructional techniques.