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2016/2017 Award Recipients

Distinguished Teaching Award RecipientsBarbara and Paul Saltman Distinguished Teaching Award, Non-Senate Members

Leslie Robin Lewis (Urban Studies and Planning)

Leslie Robin Lewis is an exceptionally talented and dedicated lecturer in the Urban Studies and Planning Program. She is an exemplary teacher, mentor, and adviser to hundreds of students across campus. Dr. Lewis’s teaching does not end with the classroom; a key characteristic of her pedagogy is her ability to provide her students with opportunities to apply their knowledge in real-world contexts. In her own words, she “regularly brings the community to the students and students to the community.” The promotion of diversity plays a significant role in Dr. Lewis’s teaching and interaction with students. She directly addresses contentious and emotional topics but does so with tremendous sensitivity to the volatile and polarizing nature of the issues. One student wrote, “I wish everyone could take your class. The world would be a better place.” Dr. Lewis is a master educator. She is an engaging lecturer with a presentation style that is lively, charismatic, varied, and affirmative of student input.