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2016/2017 Award Recipients

Distinguished Teaching Award RecipientsBarbara and Paul Saltman Excellent Teaching Award, Graduate Students

Erica Bender (Sociology)

Erica Bender’s excellence as a teacher can be summarized by three main themes: she relays her passion for the subject matter, she adopts a student-centered perspective on teaching, and she brings creativity and innovation to her practice. Ms. Bender loves the discipline of sociology for its power to enlighten, inspire, and ignite individual students toward a more critical life experience. She is committed to trying innovative techniques to improve student engagement and retention. One student described her as “a very helpful TA who explained difficult concepts from lecture in a clear and concise manner. She was genuinely enthusiastic about the material and showed a desire to promote student learning. Overall, a great TA that is highly recommended to other students.” Ms. Bender takes teaching extremely seriously and practices it marvelously well; she is a great citizen who is highly respected by her colleagues.