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2016/2017 Award Recipients

Distinguished Teaching Award RecipientsDistinguished Teaching Award, Senate Members

Christine Alvarado (Computer Science and Engineering)

Christine Alvarado’s teaching record is superb and without blemish. She is as fine a teacher as you will ever hope to find, both effective in teaching and popular with students. Dr. Alvarado serves as a role model to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering for her teaching excellence. As one student stated, “She is amazing. So knowledgeable, well-spoken, clear, and very understanding of her students’ needs. She teaches effectively, is very interested in one-on-one communication with students, and listens closely to their feedback. Her lectures are amazing and make some very difficult concepts (almost) easy.” Dr. Alvarado fosters an attitude of commitment to educational excellence, continuing to remind us that teaching matters. Dr. Alvarado is also a source of pedagogical information and insight into how to teach in her field, incorporating modern ideas, modern technology, and new understanding of diverse learning styles. Dr. Alvarado is the epitome of a teacher dedicated to her students.