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NCAA Reclassification Election Results
December 13, 2016

Dear Colleagues:

The San Diego Divisional Senate membership voted to endorse the following resolution:

The membership of the San Diego Divisional Academic Senate endorses the reclassification of UCSD from NCAA Division 2 to NCAA non-football Division 1, as described in the September 7, 2016 proposal from Director of Athletics Earl Edwards to Divisional Senate Chair Kaustuv Roy, which promises no change in the current admission processes for student athletes, no use of institutional funds, and funding coming from increased student fees (as approved by student vote).

The number of votes cast was 736, which represents a 32.7% turnout of the current Senate membership. The resolution passed with 457 votes to endorse and 279 votes to not endorse.


Kaustuv Roy
Academic Senate, San Diego Division