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Memorial to the Regents on Fossil Fuel Combustion
May 19, 2022

Dear Colleagues:

The Academic Senate is conducting a systemwide faculty mail ballot vote on a proposed Memorial to the Regents of the University of California. In accordance with UC Academic Senate Bylaws 90 and 95, notice is hereby given that voting is open for the following Memorial to the UC Regents.

The University of California Academic Senate petitions the Regents for investments in UC’s infrastructure that will reduce on-campus fossil fuel combustion by at least 60% of current levels by 2030 and by 95% of current levels by 2035.

UC Senate members systemwide are voting on the memorial, and if a majority of the valid ballots cast approve the Memorial, it shall be sent by the Chair of the UC Assembly to President Drake for submission to the UC Regents. As per Senate Bylaw 90, this systemwide vote follows consideration of the Memorial by the Assembly of the Academic Senate.

A brief account of the memorial’s procedural history, an explanation of its provisions, and succinct statements of arguments in favor and against the memorial are located on the following webpage: /online-tools/interactive-utilities/voting-surveys/

All voting is electronic. Please use the following link to vote: https://senext.ucsd.edu/secure/inquiry/ballot/May_2022_Memorial

The voting system will authenticate your identity via the campus Single Sign-On system and is designed to maintain the confidentiality of the voting process by keeping track of who has voted, but not how each member votes. Once the ballot is submitted, neither the voter nor anyone else can change the votes. To minimize technical difficulties while completing the voting ballot, please refrain from using your browser’s forward and backward buttons. Instead, use the “previous” and “next” buttons provided on the ballot form to navigate between screens.

Access questions may be directed to Trevor Buchanan at tdbuchanan@ucsd.edu.

The San Diego Division will continue voting until 4:30 p.m., Friday, June 3, 2022, which is the deadline for all votes to be cast.

We know your time is valuable and we appreciate your consideration of this important matter. Thank you for voting.

Nancy Postero
Vice Chair
Academic Senate, San Diego Division

Andrew Dickson
Assembly of the Academic Senate