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A Moment of Silence and Reflection
June 04, 2020

The Academic Council of the University of California (UC) Faculty Senate expresses our grief and anger at the murder and brutality directed against Black people by the police. On May 25, George Floyd was murdered at the hands of Minneapolis police. This pain is felt by many and is exacerbated by the recent deaths of James Scurlock, Nina Pop, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, among too many others. This is a reflection of the systemic anti-black racism and institutional violence in our society.

To honor the memory of George Floyd and other victims of police murder and brutality, we ask all members of the UC community to observe a minute of silence and reflection at 11am Pacific time on Thursday, June 4. We have selected 11am because this is the time that George Floyd’s memorial service in Minneapolis is scheduled to start.

On all UC campuses, we must listen and, crucially, do more to combat systemic oppression, including anti-black racism. Our campuses have to work harder to be inclusive of, and welcoming to, Black students, along with other groups who have historically been and continue to be victims of police assault and harassment.

Kum-Kum Bhavnani, UC Santa Barbara
Chair, UC Academic Senate

Mary Gauvain, UC Riverside
Vice Chair, UC Academic Senate

Andrew Baird, UC San Diego
Chair, Committee on Research Policy

Ramesh Balasubramaniam, UC Merced
Chair, Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs

Henning Bohn
Chair of the Santa Barbara Division of the Academic Senate

Eddie Comeaux, UC Riverside
Chair, Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools

Maripat Corr
Chair of the San Diego Division of the Academic Senate

John Gilbert, UC Santa Barbara
Chair, University Committee on Academic Personnel

Tom Hansford
Chair of the Merced Division of the Academic Senate

Kristin H. Lagattuta
Chair of the Davis Division of the Academic Senate

Kimberly J. Lau
Chair of the Santa Cruz Division of the Academic Senate

Mona Lynch, UC Irvine
Chair, University Committee on Affirmative Action, Diversity, and Equity

Sharmila Majumdar
Chair of the San Francisco Division of the Academic Senate

Sean L. Malloy, UC Merced
Chair, University Committee on Planning and Budget

Michael Meranze
Chair of the Los Angeles Division of the Academic Senate

Oliver M. O’Reilly
Chair of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate

Dylan Rodriguez
Chair of the Riverside Division of the Academic Senate

Jean Daniel Saphores, UC Irvine
Chair of the University Committee on Faculty Welfare

John Serences, UC San Diego
Chair, University Committee on Educational Policy

James A. Steintrager
Chair of the Irvine Division of the Academic Senate