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UC Presidential Policy on the Protection of Human Subjects in Research


March 09, 2020

UC Acting Executive Director, Research Policy Analysis & Coordination, Lourdes DeMattos, has submitted a proposed revision to the UC Presidential Policy on the Protection of Human Subjects in Research. The revisions have been summarized as follows.

  • An explanation of the ethical principles that the University follows for human subjects research.
  • A statement that the University’s commitment to human subjects applies to all human subjects research in which the University is engaged, regardless of funding source or the institution that provided the IRB review.
  • An explanation that campuses may replace specific Common Rule requirements with commensurate protections for human subjects when the University is engaged in research that is not subject to the Common Rule (e.g., research that is not federally-funded or otherwise subject to federal oversight).
  • A description of the responsibilities of the campuses, IRBs, other oversight offices and committees, and researchers for compliance with this policy.

A link to a cover letter from Director DeMattos and redlined and clean copies of the proposed revision is provided in the resources box.

Faculty who wish to comment are welcome to do so. All comments received by May 1, 2020 will be included in the review materials for Senate Council consideration.

Maripat Corr
Academic Senate, San Diego Division