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Review of APM 672 Negotiated Salary Program


September 20, 2023

UC Vice Provost of Academic Personnel and Programs Douglas Haynes has requested the Senate’s review of the proposed Academic Personnel Manual (APM) 672, Negotiated Salary Program. This new policy is proposed in response to a recommendation from the Negotiated Salary Trial Program Phase 2 Taskforce Report. The Senate’s comments from the June 2022 systemwide review of the report can be found here. This salary program is known locally at UCSD as the General Campus Compensation Plan (GCCP). The attachment contains the review materials, which includes a cover letter from VP-AP Haynes and the proposed policy.

A link to the policy is provided in the Resources box. Faculty who wish to comment are welcome to do so. All comments received by November 22, 2023 will be included in the review materials for Senate Council consideration.

John Hildebrand
Academic Senate, San Diego Division