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Abusive Conduct and Bullying by Faculty
September 09, 2019

EVC Simmons has submitted materials related to abusive conduct and bullying by faculty for Senate review. In January 25, 2016, then-Senate Chair Robert Continetti wrote to Chancellor Khosla and then-EVC Suresh Subramani to propose creating a Senate Administration workgroup to address bullying by faculty. In July 2016, then-AVC Tamara Wall reported that EVC Subramani had agreed to the request. After a workgroup charge was drafted and agreed to, the Senate Administration Workgroup on Bullying held its first meeting in July 2017. The Workgroup completed its work and delivered a report to the Administration in March 2018. The report underwent management consultation, but was not released for formal Senate review.

Two documents are provided in the resources box on this page. The first contains the materials that have now been submitted for Senate review: (a) a cover memo from EVC Simmons, (b) a document entitled “Guidance from UCSD Leadership Regarding Abusive Conduct and Bullying by Faculty,” (c) a document entitled “Toolkit for Chairs and Deans,” (d) a document entitled, “Guidance from the UC President Regarding Staff Abusive Conduct and Bullying,” and (e) a list of campus contacts/resources. The second contains the background material: (a) the January 25, 2016 request to form a workgroup, (b) the Workgroup charge, and (c) the final draft Workgroup report.

Faculty who wish to comment are welcome to do so. All comments received by December 2, 2019 will be included in the review materials for Senate Council consideration.

Maripat Corr
Academic Senate, San Diego Division