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Academic Personnel


Membership Composition

At least 10, but no more than 14, Academic Senate members. Must be of tenure rank and cannot be officers of the Administration nor Emeritus faculty.

Meeting Frequency

Weekly (Wednesday afternoons), from the first week of fall quarter through the end of- July with possibility of holding 1 meeting in August.

Related Duties

One member serves on the University Committee on Academic Personnel (UCAP). The Chair has additional committee responsibilities.


Academic Personnel Am 5/24/77, Am 10/25/22
  • A)
    This committee shall consist of at least ten, but no more than fourteen, ordinary members of the Division holding at least Associate rank, except that no officer of the Administration shall be eligible to serve.  The members shall not include the President of the University, the Chancellor at San Diego, the University Librarian, the Registrar, any Vice Chancellor, any Dean, Associate Dean or Assistant Dean, any Provost, any Director, nor any Department Chair, nor any emeritus faculty member.  One member shall serve on the University Committee on Academic Personnel see Bylaw 185(C)(8), and SBL 135 Am 10/24/72, Am 3/24/81, Am 4/22/86, Am 5/23/95, Am 2/24/04, Am 1/15/19, Am 10/25/22
  • B)
    Duties Am 10/25/77
    • 1)
      This committee is authorized to represent the Division in making recommendations to the Chancellor concerning appointments, promotions and related matters.
    • 2)
      This committee confers with and advises the Chancellor and other agencies on general policy relating to academic personnel.
    • 3)
      This committee, in its annual report to the Division, shall state the extent to which its recommendations on all these matters have been accepted by the University administration.  This statement shall be sufficiently detailed to inform the Division of the effectiveness of the committee as a liaison between the Division and the administration.