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Appendix 5: Bylaws of the Faculties of UCSD

Bylaws of the Faculty of Earl Warren College
Approved by The San Diego Division 4/30/74
  • I)
    All members of the San Diego Division of the Academic Senate appointed to Warren College are voting members of the Warren College Faculty.
    Under the rules of the Academic Senate and the San Diego Division, the faculty is responsible for the academic program and concerned with all aspects of the college that bear directly on that program.

    Faculty meetings shall be called by the Provost as the need arises.  Meetings can also be called by the Executive Committee or at the written request of ten members of the faculty. Am 2/28/95

    The presence of 20 members of the faculty shall constitute a quorum. Am 5/22/12, Am 1/19/21
  • V)


    The Executive Committee of the Faculty shall consist of an elected member from each of the undergraduate academic areas represented by a division, and the Provost, and they shall elect a Chair. The Provost may neither vote on nor serve as the Chair of the Executive Committee.  This Committee shall serve as an advisory body to the Provost in order to implement the function set forth in Paragraph II and shall have the power to appoint committees as needed. Am 2/28/95, 10/23/06, Am 1/19/21

    The elected faculty members of the Executive Committee of the Faculty also serve as faculty representatives to the Warren College Steering Committee, which also includes student and staff representatives and which is chaired by the Provost. The College Steering Committee provides more holistic advice on Warren College affairs. Am 2/28/95, 10/23/06, 1/19/21

    Nominations for members of the Executive Committee of the Faculty shall be made by the faculty annually and shall be submitted for election by mail or electronic ballot. Elected Executive Committee members shall serve for two years.  These Executive Committee members shall also serve as Warren College representatives (or alternates) to the Academic Senate Representative Assembly. Am 2/28/95, 5/22/12


    Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the transaction of business, except for modifications of these Bylaws or the Academic Plan of Warren College.  The procedure for such modifications is stipulated in Bylaws VII and VIII.


    Changes in the Warren College Academic Plan shall be approved for submission to the Division by a simple majority vote at a Warren College faculty meeting or by anonymous mail or electronic ballots, as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee of the Faculty, provided that the faculty has been notified of the meeting and the proposed change at least five days of instruction prior to the meeting.  Mail and electronic ballots shall include arguments for and against any proposed changes. Am 5/22/12

    The procedure for amendment of these Bylaws shall be the same as for changes in the Academic Plan, except that a two‑thirds majority is required.  Faculty may be apprised of proposed amendments to the Bylaws via mail or electronic notification, and if no faculty member objects, amendment may be voted upon via anonymous mail or electronic ballot of the faculty as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee of the Faculty. Am 5/22/12