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Appendix 1: Excerpts for Standing Order of the Regents
Standing Order 100. Officers of the University

Duties of the President of the University
  • b)
    The President is authorized in the name of The Regents to award degrees to candidates recommended by the Academic Senate for degrees in course and certified by the respective registrars, and to confer honorary degrees, the award of which has been approved by the Board.  In the absence of the President, or when specifically delegated by the President, the Chancellors on the respective campuses of the University shall confer the honorary degrees so awarded by The Regents.  Degrees in course, awarded by the President as prescribed above, may be conferred by any Officer of the University, including Officers of the respective campuses, on delegation by the President.  The President shall seek the advice of the Academic Senate, through committees appointed in a manner which the President shall determine, in connection with the award of all honorary degrees.
  • c)
    The President of the University, in accordance with such regulations as the President may establish, is authorized to appoint, determine compensation, promote, demote, and dismiss University employees, except as otherwise provided in the Bylaws and Standing Orders and except those employees under the jurisdiction of the Secretary, Treasurer, and General Counsel of The Regents.  Before recommending or taking action that would affect personnel under the administrative jurisdiction of Chancellors, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, or Directors of the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and the Los Alamos National Scientific Laboratory, the President shall consult with or consider recommendations of the appropriate Officer.  When such action relates to a Professor, Associate Professor, or an equivalent position; Assistant Professor, a Professor in Residence, an Associate Professor in Residence, or an Assistant Professor in Residence; a Professor of Clinical (e.g. Medicine), an Associate Professor of Clinical (e.g. Medicine) or an Assistant Professor of Clinical (e.g. Medicine); a Senior Lecturer with Security of Employment, or a Lecturer with Security of Employment, the Chancellor shall consult with a properly constituted advisory committee of the Academic Senate.
  • h)
    The President shall fix the Calendar of the University, provided that no session of instruction shall be established or abolished except with the advice of the Academic Senate and the approval of the Board.
  • i)
    The President is authorized to make awards of fellowships, scholarships, and prizes with the advice of the Chancellors and the Academic Senate, and to approve expenditures from appropriations, gifts, and endowments for these purposes.
  • j)
    The President shall consult with the Chancellors and the Academic Senate regarding the educational and research policies of the University, and shall keep the Chancellors and the Academic Senate informed about significant developments within the University and within the State and Federal governments which may have serious consequences for the conduct of education and research within the University.  The President shall present recommendations to the Board concerning the academic plans of the University and of the several campuses.  The President shall transmit to the Board any memorial which the Academic Senate may address to The Regents.