February 22, 2000




The Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction, which normally meets only in response to specific questions raised by the Senate’s officers, committees, and members, did not meet during the 1998-99 academic year. However, the Committee did consult electronically on a number of inquiries and items

Six standing committees of the Academic Senate proposed changes to the bylaws governing their composition or duties. In each case, the Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction considered whether the proposed changes were consonant with the code of the Academic Senate and in one instance made substantive recommendations that were ultimately agreed to by the proposing committee. The proposed changes reviewed by Rules and Jurisdiction that were subsequently approved by the Representative Assembly during 1998-99 amended the bylaws governing the Committees on Admissions, Faculty Research Lecturer, and Planning and Budget. Proposed amendments to the bylaws governing the Committees on Affirmative Action, Student Affirmative Action, and Computing have been reviewed by Rules and Jurisdiction and will be considered by the Representative Assembly in 1999-00.

The Chair of the Division asked the committee to consider whether the minimum numbers of Senate members required to initiate certain actions by petition should be revised in recognition of the growth in size of the Division. Proposed amendments to the bylaws governing special meetings of the Division and the Representative Assembly, mail ballot referral, and effective date of actions were considered and, with one change, approved by the Representative Assembly. At the same time, the committee made some editorial changes to bylaws.

The committee chair, along with the chairs of Academic Freedom and Privilege and Tenure, met with the campus Sexual Harassment Officer to preview proposed revisions to the local Sexual Harassment Policy and Complaint Resolution Procedures. Subsequently, the committee considered the revisions and found nothing of concern from the perspective of the Rules and Jurisdiction.

Rules and Jurisdiction was asked to consider the Draft Plan for a Division of Biology. The committee noted that the proposal raises serious issues about faculty voting privileges both in personnel matters and other substantial departmental questions. The proposal will require an amendment to Senate Bylaw 55. E both to permit voting by section on personnel matters and to require review of all voting procedures with the Division by Committees of Academic Personnel and Rules and Jurisdiction. The committee will recommend the necessary changes to the Universitywide Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary C. Jacobson
Gila Sher, Vice Chair (F)
Nicholas S. Jolley, Vice Chair (W, S)
Alden A. Mosshammer, Chair