February 22, 2000



The 1998-99 Committee on Committees had a busy year, appointing members to the usual Senate standing committees and subcommittees and nominating faculty for many administrative committees. The Committee on Committees addressed to the following three categories:

1.  171 appointments to 34 standing Senate committees and subcommittees (see Appendix B, Table 4),
2.  341 recommendations of Senate members to 52 joint Senate-Administration committees (see Appendix C), and
3.  10 nominations of Senate members for service on standing systemwide committees.

As of January 31, 1999, there were 1345 members of the San Diego Divisional Academic Senate, of whom 252 were Emeritus (see Appendix B, Tables 1 and 2). Although the total number of appointments and recommendations made seems to be a considerable percentage of our faculty, there was some overlap in the three categories. Nevertheless, a sizeable proportion of our faculty did participate in committee work, and we appreciate their service to the campus.

Approximately 20% of the faculty responded to the November 1998 call for preferences, the same as in previous years (see Appendix B, Table 3). About 20% of the respondents designated themselves as "on sabbatical" or "unwilling to serve" for 1999-2000. Therefore, usable preferences were available for only 16% of the faculty. Forty-eight appointments were made to chairs and vice chairs of standing Senate committees and subcommittees, and 125 appointments were made for committee members (see Appendix B, Tables 4 and 5). A high percentage of invitations were accepted in both categories 2 and 3 above.

The Committee on Committees thoughtfully considers the composition of all committees, seeking to appoint individuals with the expertise to make positive contributions while collectively presenting a variety of viewpoints. The Committee also attempts to provide balance in terms of gender, ethnicity, and discipline while maintaining an appropriate ratio of experienced and new members. Success in these areas is often hindered as many invitations are not accepted. When considering possible committee appointments, the Committee takes into account, for example, the Senate Bylaws, the personal knowledge of Committee members, the availability of Senate members to serve, diversity, disciplinary balance and the stated preferences of faculty members.

Seven faculty were nominated for chair or vice chair of systemwide committees. Three were appointed (Chairs of University Committee on Preparatory Education and University Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction, and Vice Chair of the Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools). Three continue to serve on the Editorial Board. The membership of joint Senate-Administration committees corresponded with the Committee on Committees' nominations. In addition, Committee on Committees successfully nominated a faculty member to the Search Committee for the UC Merced Chancellor.

The Committee on Committees would like to acknowledge and thank Judy Morales and Diane Hamann for their support during this past year.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen D. Cox
Jorge A. Huerta
Peter A. Gourevitch
Kenneth Lee Jones
Wilbur Y. W. Lew
Katja Lindenberg
Jan B. Talbot
Harry G. Bluestein, Vice Chair
J. Freeman Gilbert, Chair

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