October 26, 1999



The UCSD Senate Affirmative Action Committee and Student Affirmative Action Committee met four times this year to discuss various issues. One of the major concerns was the function of the committee at UCSD, both considering the new policy on affirmative action at UC and considering the other committees that work on various aspects of the issue. The Chancellor, as the Campus Diversity Officer, established a separate Diversity Council to advise him. The Chair of the Senate Committee on Affirmative Action was appointed to serve as a member of the Council. The meaning of the term diversity was discussed and clarification was desired from this newly established UCSD Diversity Council. We accomplished the following:

1. We proposed to combine the Senate Student Affirmative Action Committee with the Senate Faculty Affirmative Action Committee. Both committees were struggling with similar issues, and there did not appear to be any reason to separate the two. In response to changes in state law, we have proposed to rename the new combined committee the Senate Affirmative Action and Diversity Committee. The proposed amendment to the Senate bylaw governing the composition and duties of the combined committee was endorsed by the Senate Council and will be presented to the Representative Assembly for consideration in the Fall of 1999. At the request of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, the Vice Chair of the committee became of member of the Student Affirmative Action Committee (SAAC). The SAAC is an entirely student run organization. They agreed to this arrangement as a means to increasing communication between the two organizations.

2. We reviewed seven Faculty Development Award proposals and recommended awardees to the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, who makes the final decision. We also recommended revisions to the guidelines for these awards. At UCSD, Faculty Development Awards were given to deserving Assistant Professors nearing their tenure decision who have also made extraordinary commitments in other areas including student advising, teaching, clinical responsibilities, curriculum development, committee service, and supervision of independent study students. To broaden the applicant pool, we recommended changing the selection criteria with its current emphasis on considering those Assistant Professors who are nearing consideration for advancement to the Associate level to a consideration of all applicants regardless of step. We also recommended added special consideration be given to those candidates who have engaged in activities that enhance the diversity of the campus. These recommendations are currently being considered by the Senior Vice Chancellor.


Respectfully submitted,

Catherine Constable
Daniel F. Harvey
George Mariscal
Michael S. Schudson
Gregg J. Silverman
Donald R. Smith
Clinton D. Winant
Jonathan Welch, Consultant
Kirk Matsuzaki, Undergraduate Student Representative
Michelle Sullivan, Graduate Student Representative
Pamela B. Radcliff, Vice Chair, Affirmative Action
Anthony Curiel, Vice Chair, Student Affirmative Action
Karen L. Kavanagh, Chair

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