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2016/2017 Division Chair

Kaustuv Roy (Ecology, Behavior & Evolution)

Kaustuv Roy is a Professor of Ecology, Behavior and Evolution in the Division of Biological Sciences. Professor Roy’s research interests focus on understanding (i) the physical and biological processes underlying large-scale spatial patterns of biodiversity and (ii) how species and communities respond to anthropogenic impacts such as climate change and human harvesting. The Roy lab works primarily in coastal marine systems using an interdisciplinary approach that combines ecological and genetic information with the temporal perspective afforded by the rich fossil record of marine invertebrates. The lab is particularly interested in developing model-based approaches that utilize large empirical datasets.

Professor Roy has served on a number of committees both at the campus level and within the Division of Biological Sciences. These include the Educational Policy Committee (Chair), the Senate-Administration Task Force on Online and Technology Enhanced Education, the faculty advisory committee for UCSD CAPE and the Executive Committee of the Eleanor Roosevelt College.

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