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Part 1: General
Chapter 3. Division Meetings

Division Meeting - Conduct SBL 120
  • A)
    The order of business at a regular meeting of the Division shall be as follows: Am 2/27/90, Rt 3/14/90
    • 1)
    • 2)
    • 3)
      The business on the agenda
    • 4)
      Other business
  • B)
    The order of business at a special meeting shall be as follows:
    • 1)
      Minutes – the reading of the minutes may be omitted with the approval of two‑thirds of the ordinary members present.
    • 2)
      The business on the agenda.
    • 3)
      Any other business, the consideration of which is authorized by unanimous consent of the voting members present.  Action taken at a special meeting on any matter of business not published in the call to that meeting requires unanimous approval of the voting members present at the meeting.
  • C)
    Parliamentary Authority of Division
    Questions of order not answered by the Bylaws or Regulations of the Division shall be governed by the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order.
  • D)

    Written Ballot at Division Meeting
    Any motion before a Divisional meeting shall, when the question is called, be submitted to a written ballot of the members present at the meeting, provided either that the presiding officer so orders or that fifteen percent (15%) of the members present so request.

  • E)
    Mail Ballot
    Action taken at a meeting of the Division shall be submitted to a mail ballot at the request of one‑third of the members present and voting. En 5/25/76