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Part 1: General
Chapter 2. Office and Officers

Vice Chair (Chair Designate) of Division Am 05/25/76
  • A)
    An individual elected Vice Chair (Chair Designate) serves a two-year term:  the first year as Vice Chair and the second as Chair of the Division. In the year following service as Chair of the Division, the individual serves as a full voting member of the Senate Council and the Senate-Administration Council. Am 4/29/08
  • B)
    In addition to the duties and authority prescribed elsewhere in these Bylaws, the Vice Chair (Chair Designate) (referred to elsewhere in these Bylaws as Vice Chair) shall have the following duties and authority:
    • 1)
      The Vice Chair shall assume the duties of the Chair in the Chair's absence or incapacity and perform such duties as are assigned by the Chair.
    • 2)
      If the Chairship becomes vacant, the Vice Chair becomes Chair for the remainder of that term and the succeeding one‑year term.
    • 3)
      The Vice Chair shall distribute the calls to Representative Assembly and Divisional meetings and take and distribute the minutes of those meetings in accordance with the Senate Bylaws SBL 315.  In taking the minutes the Vice Chair may request aid from any member of the Office. Am 2/27/90, Rt 3/14/90, Am 5/27/03
    • 4)
      The Vice Chair shall communicate any action of the Representative Assembly or the Division to any member affected by it. Am 2/27/90, Rt 3/14/90
    • 5)
      If any question is placed in the Vice Chair's hands for presentation to the Division, the Vice Chair shall consult with the Chair and, at the Chair's direction, refer the question to the appropriate Divisional committee or a Representative Assembly or Divisional meeting.  Petitions of students are "questions" in the sense of this Bylaw. Am 2/27/90, Rt 3/14/90
    • 6)
      In accordance with other Bylaws see especially Bylaw 115, the Vice Chair conducts all elections and other mail balloting in the Division. En 10/25/77
    • 7)
      The Vice Chair serves as Secretary of the Division. See SBL 305
    • 8)
      The Vice Chair shall, as part of a committee composed of the Chair and Vice Chair of the Division and the Vice Chancellor for Under­graduate Affairs, certify student representatives to Divisional committees in accordance with Bylaw 168. En 5/24/77, Rt 6/8/77