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Part 1: General
Chapter 2. Office and Officers

Chair of the Division Am 5/25/76
  • A)
    See Bylaw 30(A) for term of office.
  • B)
    In addition to the duties and authority prescribed elsewhere in these Bylaws, the Chair shall have the following duties and authority:
    • 1)
      The Chair is responsible for the flow of information between separate agencies of the Division and between those agencies and the Division at large.  To this end, the Chair may attend the meetings and partic­ipate in the deliberations of any faculty or any special or standing committee of the Division or any subcommittee appointed by one of those agencies, but without power to vote unless he or she is a member of such faculty, committee, or subcommittee.  Faculty, committee, and subcommittee chairs shall keep the Chair and the Office informed as to the times and places of such meetings and the probable agendas.  The chair shall present in person or in writing any matters which he or she believes should be brought before a particular committee, and shall call to its attention materials in the Office that may be useful to it.
    • 2)
      The Chair shall annually submit to the Chancellor a budget request for the work of the Division, its committees, and the Office.  The Chair shall supervise the expenditure of any appropriation made in response to a budget request, maintaining due regard for the responsibilities of the Office to the officers of the Division see Bylaw 15(B)(6).  In determining the internal allocation to the Committee on Research from such an appropriation, the Chair of the Committee on Research shall participate in the allocation process.  The Chair shall report annually to the Division on the work of the Office, together with any proposals for the improvement of its operation that require action by the Division. Am 12/3/91
    • 3)
      The Chair shall exercise general supervision of the Office.
    • 4)
      The Chair shall appoint an ordinary member of the Division as Parliamentarian.
      • a)
        The Parliamentarian shall serve at the pleasure of the Chair.
      • b)
        It is the duty of the Parliamentarian, when asked by the Chair, to offer the Chair advice on procedure in the conduct of the meetings of the Division.  The Chair is not bound by this advice.  The Parliamentarian shall familiarize himself with the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, and shall attend all meetings of the Division with a copy of those rules.
    • 5)
      The Chair shall designate a Divisional Representative to fulfill the duties of the Chair in the absence or incapacity of the Chair and the Vice Chair.
    • 6)
      The Chair shall decide in the first instance whether any action considered by the Division is of such general concern to the University as to come within the jurisdiction of the Academic Senate, through the mechanism of the Assembly.  The Chair's decision may be appealed. see SBL 310
    • 7)
      The Chair shall, as part of a committee composed of the Chair and Vice Chair of the Division and the Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Affairs, certify student representatives to Divisional committees in accordance with Bylaw 168. En 5/24/77, Rt 6/8/77
    • 8)
      The Chair shall serve as an ex officio member of the Assembly of the Academic Senate and of the Academic Council of the Assembly. see SBL 105, and 125(A) En 10/25/77
    • 9)
      The Chair shall serve as a member of the Program Review Committee (PRC).  When the Chair or Vice Chair of the Division are not from the general campus, a former Chair will be asked to serve as a member of PRC. En 5/28/91