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Part 1: General
Chapter 1. Duties, Authority, and Membership

Membership of Division
  • A)
    The members of the Division are the following individuals SOR 105.1:
    • 1)
      The President of the University;
    • 2)
      All Senate members not emeritus whose headquarters are at San Diego and who have not transferred their voting rights to another Division under the Bylaws of the Academic Senate SBL 305;
    • 3)
      All emeritus Senate members whose headquarters were at San Diego when they retired;
    • 4)
      All Senate members whose voting rights are at San Diego in consequence of a transfer of those rights under the Bylaws of the Academic Senate SBL 305;
    • 5)
      All Senate members holding University‑wide appointments who are not enrolled in any other Division of the Senate and who communicate in writing to the Vice Chair of the San Diego Division that they wish to be enrolled in that Division.
  • B)
    "Ordinary" members of the Division are members in categories (2), (3), (4) and (5) of Bylaw 10(A) above, excepting Instructors and Instructors in Residence of less than two years service.  "Voting" members are the President of the University and ordinary members. Am 5/25/76